Sewage backups occur when something blocks the water from flowing properly through your sewer, causing waste to build up and creating a health risk to your family and loved ones. If moisture is allowed to remain in the area, it can result in more mold, viruses, bacteria, toxins, and bugs.

Ignoring a sewage backup can make the problem worse, often resulting in large and costly repairs. Flood Tech USA provides comprehensive sewage backup cleanup and repair in Virginia, Maryland, and Washington D.C. to clear all the blockages in your pipe before they get worse.

  • Tree roots growing into your pipes: Roots can break through your sewer pipes, blocking sewage from flowing through. Eventually, this causes waste to backflow into your home.
  • Pipe damage: Over the years, the inside of the pipes becomes thickened due to the buildup of materials flowing through the pipes. This makes the pipes narrower, which means materials can't flow through easily, and your pipes are more likely to back up.
  • Grease: If you or someone in your household pours cooking grease down the drain, it will cool and turn solid. This can block the pipe and cause a backup.

No matter the cause, Flood Tech USA’s professional team of sewage backup contractors can solve all your drain line problems. We’ll extract any flood from your property, remove any odors, sanitize the area, and build back to its original state.

What To Expect When You Call Flood Tech USA

Immediate response to your situation
Thorough inspection using our specialized water restoration equipment
Prompt removal of sewage or flooded water
Professional cleaning to disinfect the area of mold, bacteria, and pathogens



Whether you have a question about our services, procedures, or anything else, our team is ready to answer all your questions.